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Islamic School of Olympia and Lacey

Photo PlaceholderThe Islamic School of Olympia and Lacey (ISOL) is committed to the education of the whole child and to instill in each of its students the principles of submission to the Will of Allah (SWT) as the essential element in achieving human excellence.

The goal is to preserve the Muslim character and to develop spirituality, self worth, self discipline, self actualization, independence, ethical and moral values, love of learning, acquiring knowledge and service to the Ummah.

The further objective of the school is to provide bilingual education for effective under- standing of Islamic sources in the Arabic Language.


All of our teachers have the experience and/or education in the areas in which they are instructing.

Schedule of the Classes

***Please don’t forget to sign up for your children.***

For the Weekend Islamic School

  • Ages: 5 and up
  • Days: Saturdays
  • Times: 8:15AM to 12:25PM
  • Fee: Tuition Cost of $40.00 only

For more information, please email - or contact masjid office